CS75 (Summer 2012) Lecture 0 HTTP Harvard Web Development David Malan

David Malan teaching CS75 lecture 0, HTTP. http://www.cs75x.net/
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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40 thoughts on “CS75 (Summer 2012) Lecture 0 HTTP Harvard Web Development David Malan

  1. Ray Vellest

    Great lecture! A straightforward approach in delivering loads of
    information in a very short period of time, and yes, I said that 1h+ is a
    short period of time. I knew most of it, but watching this helped concepts
    to sink in even further in my understanding of them. As someone else
    mentioned, having these in HD would be great.

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  3. Steven Whiting

    If just learning, there are decent hosts out there where you just pay a
    small fee per year, instead of the expensive per month deal. That’s what
    I’d go for if learning. I use Ariotek as it’s all I need and only £35 a
    year. No I don’t work for them, just used them for years, based in Scotland
    and they have always been good.

  4. EmptyMind

    Man these are Gems of Knowledge…..Thanks a lot for uploading these
    stuffs…… Education and Knowledge should be free for the seekers.

  5. Mehdi Dido

    Crazy clip. Fabulous film. My dad was formerly a flabby. He revolutionized
    his body from 293 lbs of pure fat to 200lbs of genuine muscle mass.
    Everyone was in shock. I just joined myself because I’d like to make
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  6. snake1179

    Anyone know of any good textbooks or other readings that supplement this
    course? I couldn’t find anything on the courses homepage.

  7. jeremysmith88401

    Actually an IP address identifies a ‘connection’ to a network connectable
    device, that’s all. Quite a vast array of servers and even computers may
    have multiple IP addresses. Going into allot bigger detail with this though.

    Therefore a MAC address needs to be assigned to a NIC card to identify the
    connection, then given a DNS or even hostname (NetBIOS node name) to
    identify it uniquely on a network.

    Coming from a trained systems administrator (though I don’t think you’d
    need to go into that greater detail here 🙂 but logically that’s how
    networks are generically designed like.

  8. Domiiniiquefan90

    Hi, i was wondering if you have one for making a PHP Dynamic website using
    MySQL and Xampp? i am wanting to add a page to my website which has a list
    of attractions and is dynamic, thank you.

  9. David Chambers

    Terrible. Waste of time. You need to respect your listener’s time more.
    We don’t need all the BS. OK? Think about what you are going say, best to
    write it down. I do like the video, showing the diagrams, etc. That’s way
    better than showing a guy waving his hands around writing on a whiteboard.
    But the script is just so slow and inefficient at conveying info. Don’t
    tell us what you are going to do, just say it!

  10. Gardea Ours

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    look at R8SEO to acquire more information.You can find it on Google.

  11. 7funk7

    Great webinars guys.Thank you for sharing experience and knowlage. Can you
    please tell me what is the tool you are using in this webinar, where you
    can see the output for HTML, CSS,JS,PHP and SQL. Regards

  12. neatstatus

    This is beautiful. Very clear presentation. I’ve been looking for a simple
    explanation of how all these elements come together, and this provided it.
    5 stars.

  13. Agriya Ahsan

    A must watch video m for users who want to understand PHP, CSS, My SQL and
    Html. This webinar explains all the concepts very easily. Can you suggest
    us some tools (Firefox add-ons, Google chrome add-ons, Offline and online
    tool) are to use them effectively.


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