A Photoshop Web Design in 5 Minutes

Thought I’d record myself designing in Photoshop and then speed it up so you see the action take place in 5 minutes!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 thoughts on “A Photoshop Web Design in 5 Minutes

  1. ecdctech

    hum how do you upload that to the web, with a server? and the html has to
    be assign to the individual image links??

  2. Skellytor

    How do you make those picture frame things around 2:45 (the ones with the
    white border)? More specifically the image is only visible inside the white
    frame and you can still move it around and stuff. Sorry it’s 3am I might
    not be making sense

  3. Michael Smith

    Very nicely designed. I’m thinking of using as inspiration for an InDesign
    project that I have for my Graphics Design class. 

  4. Loubna G

    Actually seing this video make me laught !!! My gosh , I was strugling with
    templates and designs, and never getting what i want, But you made it soo
    easy, and funny … I’m in love , tks a lot !!! defintely +100000 

  5. WickedVsHella

    That was impressive. I finally broke down and bought Photoshop to do
    exactly this… but spent about an hour last night trying to figure out how
    to fill my ovals =). Baby steps

  6. Julio Fernandez

    A Photoshop Web Design in 5 Minutes … from friend, Adobe’s Paul Trani.
    After watching this video, I just want to cry… about all of the stuff I
    do not know how to do with Photoshop.

  7. Darnel Chestnut

    Ok ,this was way to fast for me! about a 1:25 into the video, how did you
    tent the lettering at the top of the screen? Thank you!

  8. MyPageDotCom

    The video will be more appreciated if it has a voice over while doing the
    presentation so as people like me viewing would know how you do the
    process. Although it was not tagged as a tutorial, it will be more useful
    if it was done a bit slower so we can follow. Nevertheless, you proved a
    web design done in five minutes.


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