Bitmakers at the 2014 NASA Space Apps Challenge

Last weekend, our current Bitmaker Labs students participated in the 2014 NASA Space Apps Challenge held at the Ontario Science Center in Toronto. The result of the hackathon? Earthy, an app that enables users to look at space satellite photos and guess where that place is on earth. It’s a neat game – kind of like Trivial Pursuit, but for geography. 


Team Earthy: Joshua Comeau, Sanborn Hilland, Dominique Schuwey, Taha Jalil, Brian Simon, Brock Whitbread, Adriana Kahl, Steve Long, Ian Cantor.

P1010341 P1010386 P1010362

Our Bitmakers from Cohort 5, Alejandro Rovillard and Kyle Bachan, we’re also in attendance. Their project was called Enterprise SSB (Saving Sandra Bullock). 

P1010369 ssb_hardware

It was designed to help space tourists that are drifting away in space by activating jetpacks that are calibrated according to the movements of said tourist. Kyle and Alejandro used a Kiwi Move to detect these limb movements as well as Leap Motion to allow the user to navigate back home using simple hand gestures. Watch their award-winning presentation to see Enterprise SSB in action.

As the prize, Enterprise SSB will be on display at the Ontario Science Center for a whole year. We will let you know when it will be up!

Want to hear more about the NASA Space Apps Challenge? Check out team Earthy as they talk about what it was like to attend their first hackathon ever! 


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