Kuwait Open 2014 Highlights: Chen Meng vs Seo Hyowon (1/4 Final)

Review all the highlights from the Chen Meng vs Seo Hyowon Womens Singles Quarterfinals Match from the ITTF World Tour Kuwait Open 2014 ©TMS International Al…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


10 thoughts on “Kuwait Open 2014 Highlights: Chen Meng vs Seo Hyowon (1/4 Final)

  1. ty0ung0s

    What an exciting match between 2 “coconut heads”! 1 stubborn Korean
    chopper and 1 determined Chinese attacker. I bet both girls are going to
    be world no. 1 in their chosen styles.

  2. MyNimbus2000

    Is it me or is it that… Chen meng hired a GUY to cho for the points that
    she doesn’t cho herself?

  3. RevanII93

    My god what a match… Seo is improving so much, she’s incredibly
    consistent and now her forehand also is becoming much better. She was just
    so close in this match… i think that she and Pavlovitch are the best non
    chinese defenders, and when at their best probably on the same level of

    9.26, what the..??? 3-0 and the next point 5-4??? lol… 😀

    Thanks for the great work btw

  4. 2hard2xplain

    Gosh, the last game is really heart-trembling!!
    Btw, Dear ITTF, could you please make the video more watchable?? I’m not
    asking for 4K or anything but at least 720p? Also now at 480p footage looks
    like mud, pixilation and all, while scorebar look sharp enough. Might be
    something with bitrate and compression. 

  5. 지요한

    its Hyowon’s greatest match ever I c ~~~~~~~~. very disappointed Hyo won
    /but she did best.
    핑크깍신 화이팅 ^^* 


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