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SearchCap: Microsoft Catapult, Facebook Mobile Graph Search & Bing Ads Express Closes

SearchCap: Microsoft Catapult, Facebook Mobile Graph Search & Bing Ads Express ClosesJun 17, 2014 at 5:00pm ET by Barry Schwartz


Yandex Introduces Cityguide Apps For Russian Market

Yandex stock has suffered since the Putin crackdown and the crisis in Ukraine. But there are signs that things may be easing as the Ukraine crisis potentially heads for a peaceful resolution.

The Russian market doesn’t have the same glut of local search competitors seen in the West. Thus the company is filling a void. It’s possible that Yandex City could be competitive in selected Western European markets, as well.

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Why “Linksville” Is a Ghost Town: Link Building Is Moving In House

Why “Linksville” Is a Ghost Town: Link Building Is Moving In HouseJun 18, 2014 at 9:15am ET by Eric Ward


Several years ago, I wrote a column here titled Why Link Building Must Go In-House. The main thesis of that column can be summed up with this quote:

There are almost as many link building tactics as there are companies selling them. Google lists over a million. On more than one occasion, I have pretended to be in need of link building services just to engage in an email dialogue with a firm selling linking services, just to see what they did (or didn’t) know.

It’s truly scary. Companies selling useless services that don’t know those services are useless. Or maybe they do. When you can’t trust that the company you are hiring knows what they are doing, in many cases you end up with a worse inbound link profile than you would have if you’d done no link building at all.